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Hair & Body Travel Set

Enriched with citrusy notes of Jeju tangerine essential oil and extracts hair and body care staples to providing gentle, aromatic cleansing and hydration to help revive, refresh self and senses after hours spent in transit — a perfect ensemble for frequent travellers.

Aronia 100% Juice

Aronia berries have the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other berries; It is all-natural 100% aronia juice with no sugar and preservatives; Protects the body from damaging effects; Supports blood sugar control; Boosts the immune system; Regulates the blood pressure level; Keeps good urinary tract health.

Honey Citron Tea 21 Sachets

$11.90 $9.90
Excellent source of vitamin C; Supports the body’s immunity system; Relieves the sore throat; Remedy for seasickness; Reduce oxidative stress in the body; Protects against viral infections. Available in convenient sachets for office and outdoors use, as well as a gift.